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Beating the Business Strategy Game

About the Guide

Help, hints, tips, and strategy for The Business Strategy Game (Thompson & Stappenbeck) which will greatly improve your game performance.

Is this guide guaranteed to make me win? What will I get for my $48? What is this Currency Made Easy! and why do I want it? I am getting my butt kicked! Will this guide help me get back...

About the Game

Which is better, cost leadership, integration, or differentiation? Is there a strategy that will always win? Is there a system to beating the game? How can I increase my game score? How important is image? Is there a way to...

The first time I played, I did exactly what you are doing: researching the internet. But I found ZERO helpful information online. As I played the game, I discovered that I could use some fairly simple math to massively increase my game score. Choosing the correct financial approach, among other things, made a huge difference. Then, after a lot thought on the matter, I devised an easy method for taking full advantage of currency fluctuations.

Our final score was 99 and the closest team to us scored a 74!
Out of a total of 11 teams, 7 of them scored below 40!


Use of my strategy creates a landslide effect that, as you can see, is very devastating to all opponents. The best part is that, after it is in place for 3 or more rounds of play, the effects become almost irreversible. And it is pretty difficult for other teams to see what you are doing to them before it is too late. Anyhow, recalling that I could find no helpful information about the game when I looked, I decided to put together a manual that would be helpful to future students of the game. This manual provides actual numbers to use as guidelines, has many examples from real games, and should make your life so much easier than mine was! Oh, how I wish I had known all this before I began playing. I have placed this manual and an easy-to-use currency spreadsheet on this site for you.