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Sales Forecast

Players often says that the key to the BSG Online game is optimization (which is actually true if we know the game and have good strategies).

In order to optimize, we need to toggle everything and see how it affects the percentage profit increase/decrease. It takes time, may be half an hour to hours, depends on the game.

We often know what our competition is going to do, mainly with what price they are going to charge. This is easy to do after the 3rd or 4th year. We can always look back at Market Snapshot. Tracking all the years. But knowing does not mean we can beat the competitors, they may be also reading this and may be even having strategies as good as we do. So, again, we need optimization to get to the Top.

We need to look at Market Snap shot before setting new decisions for any new years. But, if you have made good decisions from beginning, we do not have to worry too much about competitors, only when we face very good team, which also have the same experience, eg. Team G and H in this example, Industry 69. Both of them are very experienced and hard working teams.

Industry 69, Market Snapshot, North America.

Sales Forecast is very important, because it links to 3 other Tables: Production, Internet and Wholesale Marketing.

Sales Forecast is also the key to Business Strategy, in this table we make decisions for Price, S/Q and Number of models (80% importance), and also other 8-10 decisions (20% importance).

First, decides the Prices, S/Q and number of models. Follow long term strategies, do not jump up and down with no reason. If we follow High S/Q, keep that, if we follow large or High number of models, maintain that. Because we will upgrade factories to support these different strategies.

Branded Sales Forecast, Longterm Strategies.

What ever decision we make, we need to find out reasons why we do that, because we have Final Presentation and also Final Report, also we need to explain to our friends why we make the decisions. Eg. Strong advertising, we can sell more, get more Revenue, more important, higher Net Profit, higher market shares. Even we spend much money on Advertising, as long as it brings higher Net Profit, we will do.

Look at H company, they spend just higher than average advertising. But using lower prices for Internet, lower Wholesale Prices and also, very large number of models, also High S/Q (just 8 stars compete with 9 stars of G company). This is just equally good strategy comparing with G.

Company H, Branded Sales Forecast.

So, in conclusion, in Sales Forecast, it is very important for any New Year, we need to do this 10 times, for 10 years. May be, we need to revise a few times to optimize.

The key is whatever decisions we make, we need to keep track of Left Bottom box of EPS, ROR, Credit Rating, Image Rating and Net Revenue, and Net Profit. Ending cash just enough in case strong competition makes our Forecase and Actual not the same.