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This study guide has found it’s niche and has been very well received, to the point of surprising the author. Aside from numerous states in the US, the guide is selling well in Canada, England, Bolivia, Australia, Singapore, and even South Africa…to name just a few countries. I realize that the feedback below will seem quite biased, but I assure you I have had only one complaint thus far. The complaint was not even about the guide, rather it was simply someone who had a hard time opening it. That issue was resolved quickly.

Apparently no one is having difficulty kicking butt with the guide! I still welcome ALL FEEDBACK… including negative stuff as it will help me to improve the guide.

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for helping me … I am dancing around the room now! Maybe you can add this comment to your “What Other People Have Said” link!

Thanks so much!


anonymous, Philadelphia, USA

Filler paragraph.

Hello Itzel,
I thoroughly enjoyed your guide, and our team is scoring the highest in our class on the game.

Here are some highlights:

  • Year 11: Scored a 98 out of 100 points, next highest competitor scored 69. Our stock price rose from the base price to $54.00 per share! Professor indicated this was the highest opening score he had ever seen with this game.
  • Year 12: Scored a 99 out of 100, next highest scored 72. Grew plant capacity to 6000 by constructing Latin American plant – largest capacity of all teams going into Year 13 (no one else built anything!) Issued stock to raise capital and paid off bond debt.
  • Year 13: Scored a 94 out of 100, next highest scored around 74. Other teams began to mimic our strategies. Continued adding capacity and upgrades. Paid off all bonds – AAA rated. Issued stock to raise capital – only company in our class with a stock price over $25 (ours was 47.00 at this point).
  • Year 14: Scored a 98 out of 100, next highest scored in the 50′s! Controlled over 60% market share in the branded market. Entered the private label market for the first time to use up extra plant capacity – sold shoes just over cost and cornered 85% market share – sold over 4 million private label shoes alone. Stock price soared to $82 per share.

That brings you up to date. The Professor told us privately that he considered it impossible for any other team to catch up. We’re on our way to receiving a 100 for this part of the class – Awesome!

Your guide certainly gave us great direction without just coming out and telling us the numbers to key in. We built our company the way we wanted too, followed your recommendations and did great. Thanks.

anonymous, London, England

Filler paragraph.

Hey Itzel:
We kicked some butt big time!!!!!!!!!!! I owe you a huge kiss! We finished the first year with a score of 97.

Following is the order of scores:

  • 97 this would be us!!!!!!!!! Janas Footwear
  • 76
  • 68
  • 65
  • 60
  • 60
  • 55
  • 41
  • 27
  • 24
  • 16

We got an e-mail from our game administrator that basically says he’s a little confused, that this doesn’t happen until at least 3-4 years into the game. Think we just set off a red flag? hee hee!

I don’t know if I can send you the FIR, etc. I will try. If I can’t get it to you, do you have a fax # I can send it to? Thought you would like it for your research. Looks like we have a heck of a lot of decisions to make again. I remember you said it would take longer for the second year — I think you’re on the target there!

Thank you very much, Itzel. Hang with me here while I try to send you some info.