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BSG Guide FAQs

Is this guide guaranteed to make me win?

No, absolutely not. Use of this guide is not an automatic way to win for several reasons. For starters, you still must create and implement reasoned market strategy. The guide shows you ways to keep your costs down, discusses effective pricing, gives numerous other tools to use in an effort to help you outdo your competitors. But there is no way to guarantee you will use them correctly/effectively and there is no way to guarantee the competitive conditions you will face. Additionally, there is a very good chance that you will face other teams that are also using this guide! Then it becomes a question of which one of you adapt the quickest. So no, there is no guarantee that this guide will make you a winner. All else equal, you will likely be far, far more likely to win than any team not using this guide.

What will I get for my $48?

You will get a copy of Beating the Strategy Game in the form of a PDF file and a copy of Currency Made Simple! in the form of an excel spreadsheet. A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the PDF file and a copy of Microsoft’s Excel is required for the spreadsheet.

What is this Currency Made Easy! and why do I want it?

Currency Made Easy! is a spreadsheet that interpolates currency fluctuations according to the way the game does. If you read the official Player’s Guide that came with the software, then you will see that the game multiplies the effect by a factor of 10! This means that an increase of 5% (Euro to the Brazilian Real) becomes a 50% discount on shoes coming out of Latin America! Using this spreadsheet when something like that happens, you can capture a huge junk of a market and really screw anybody that doesn’t know what is about to happen. For instance, if your shoes are costing $32 each to manufacture in LA and you are selling them in Europe for $45 each (making $2 profit), you might be able to drop your price $10 and make a profit of $8 each! And sell three times as many shoes!

I am getting my butt kicked! Will this guide help me get back in the game?

Yes, the guide should help you get back on track. It will help to organize your decision making process, show you ways to cut costs, and help you to refine your strategy. Obviously, the earlier you implement the use of the guide, the better your results will be. If you are in year 18 of 20, you’re bankrupt, and in last place, then you probably shouldn’t waste your money. Just take your lumps and hold on to your cash.

What if I have a problem downloading or opening files that I buy?

This is an extremely tiny operation and I keep up with my email. Simply drop me an email, include your name, transaction number, and an explanation of your situation. I will try to remedy whatever problem you are having as quickly as possible (usually within a couple business hours).