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Choosing a Strategy

We are managing factories, producing athletic shoes in 4 continents, in order to win, we can follow the strategy of High Quality, Large Capacity, Low Price, High Models, Strong Advertising and so on. The more popular winning strategies are High Quality and also High Capacity, Medium Prices.

Focus on Net Profit, ROE (very important), Credit Rating, Image Rating is quite easy to control and also Stock Prices. Do not focus too much on Ending Cash, but keep focusing on Net Profit, try to increase that over each years.

So where to look at this thing, as soon as you start the BSG Online Game.

First, have a look at Market Snapshot, 2 strategies can to go Top of the Game is G and H.

GM Master V, Market Snapshot.

Also, see the Results from Report Page 1-2-3-4.

We can see that both strategies can go to Top, just a little difference. Depends on how G and H can optimize to get better than the other to go to Number 1. So, this example illustrate that, we can follow any strategy to win the Game.

The key is to apply and make right decisions to support our selected stategy.

GM Master V, Decisions / Reports.

We will look at Market Snapshot again, to see Decisions in details.

Industry 69, Market Snapshot, North America.

We can see that H increase number of Models over the Years, from 200 - 350 - 350 - 350 - 350 - 500 (Year 15) with S/Q from 5-5-6-6-6-8 stars in Year 15.

Industry 69, Company Analysis, Company H.

Also, we see that G company start with lower number of models, and Higher S/Q.

Industry 69, Company Analysis, Company G.

So, in conclusion, when we start BSG Online, from Year 11, we can think of what strategy to follow. Two most popular options are High S/Q or Large number of models.